What is Youth Troupe?

Our Youth Troupe Program is a fabulous group of devoted Circus Place students. Their desire to learn, create, collaborate and perform has drawn them together in a group committed to bringing a positive view of circus to our local community and beyond. They perform at charity/community events, fairs, workshops as well as right here at Circus Place. Troupers take part in regional and national circus festivals and represent New Jersey circus throughout the country. Mostly, they just love learning circus and the joy it brings!

How Can My Child Join?

  • To join troupe your child must have 2 semesters of circus training
    ( 2-week camp session counts for 1 semester)
  • Be between ages 7-18
  • Youth Troupe Program acceptance is NOT based on skill, rather a positive circus spirit, desire to learn, and ability to work well with others

Circus Place has 6 Troupes to choose from:

  • Manipulations
  • Aerials
  • Balance
  • Flow (Hooping, poi,)
  • Acrobatics
  • Variety ( For students with 1 prior semester of troupe)

Troupe members can participate in multiple troupes.
Youth Troupe Program members must enroll in one other class aside from troupe.

For More information email Sharyn@thecircusplace.com.